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WP 2.3 related news

Work Package 2.3: Demonstration of the use of extensively treated wastewater for ASR and up-scaling of the Nootdorp/Westland reference pilots.

Rapid ASR developments in Dinteloord

The developer of the Nieuw-Prinsenland greenhouse area in Dinteloord decides to expand the ASR-coastal system to enlarge freshwater supply.

Subsol consortium learns lessons from Dutch reference sites

The Subsol consortium visited the Dutch cases to learn from the very first SWS experiences.

Subsol promotional film launched at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Brisbane

Today was the premiere of the Subsol promotional video. Have a look!

Second ASR well Dinteloord under construction

ASR scheme Dinteloord expanded upon successful test cycle.

Subsol celebrates first anniversary

The Subsol consortium met in Berlin to discuss the progress in Year 1.

SWS business talk: Wayland Developments aims at ASR-coastal to supply high-quality irrigation water

Wayland Developments contracts B-E de Lier to implement SWS in their 100 ha greenhouse and logistics area.

Geophysical measurements highlight freshwater build-up

Geophysical measurements were executed at the field sites in Dinteloord, Westland, Nootdorp, and Ovezande in order to record the realized freshwater build-up.

Dinteloord ASR-coastal replication starts off first test cycle

After around 3 months of construction, the ASR-coastal system at Dinteloord (WP2.3) was ready for a first test cycle. With this, the first SUBSOL replication site comes within operation around six months after the start of the project.