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WP 2.3 related news

Work Package 2.3: Demonstration of the use of extensively treated wastewater for ASR and up-scaling of the Nootdorp/Westland reference pilots.

SUBSOL ended after three years

The highlights of the project briefly summarized.

SUBSOL documentary on water scarcity in Maneadero Valley, Mexico

how subsurface water solutions can help

Concluding SUBSOL seminar on coastal water supply and water reuse

Active participation of policy makers in water reuse R&D is crucial to accelerate subsurface storage and water reuse in Europe and internationally

Open seminar: Robust future water supply and water reuse in coastal areas

29 and 30 August, incl. site visit Dinteloord.

‘Subsurface storage’ wins H2O award for best article (SubSol replication site Dinteloord)

The article on the development of a sustainable freshwater supply for the greenhouse horticultural area of Nieuw-Prinsenland in Dinteloord has won the H2O award.

Combining water reuse and aquifer storage and recovery at the Dinteloord site: from a bird’s eye perspective

The combination of water reuse and aquifer storage and recovery to enable a robust and high-quality freshwater supply is clearly summarized in a two minutes movie. A must-see.

DBT publishes Step-by-step guide to stakeholder involvement

Drawing on lessons learnt from stakeholder workshops held at the four replication sites in Denmark, The Netherlads, Greece and Mexico, DBT has published a step-by-step guide to stakeholder engagement to support pilot projects, decision making and implementation in relation to Subsurface Water Solutions.

Dinteloord aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) scheme further expanded to 960 cubic meters per day

At the Dinteloord ASR-Coastal site, a further expansion of the well field was realized.

Drought in the southwest of The Netherlands: subsurface water solutions into action

Following a dry winter season, there was limited rainfall during this year's spring as well. Current subsurface water solution were therefore heavily tested...

18 months SUBSOL, intermediate evaluation of project results

The Consortium Partners have marked the first 18 months of SUBSOL during their Project Steering Board meeting in Copenhagen on 6 and 7 April.