Water Solutions

WP 1.3 related news

Work Package 1.3: Demonstration of the the long-term viability and sustained use of the ASR-coastal.

Subsol celebrates first anniversary

The Subsol consortium met in Berlin to discuss the progress in Year 1.

SWS business talk: Wayland Developments aims at ASR-coastal to supply high-quality irrigation water

Wayland Developments contracts B-E de Lier to implement SWS in their 100 ha greenhouse and logistics area.

Close-up: the Nootdorp ASR-Coastal system

What's going on in Nootdorp recently?

Koen Zuurbier (KWR) graduates at TU Delft on SWS

Koen Zuurbier (KWR) obtained his doctoral degree after studying SWS in the Netherlands

Scientific analysis of reference sites in ‘Water Resources Management’

A scientific analysis of the potential of the techniques developed at the Subsol reference sites has been published in the peer-reviewed journal  'Water Resources Management'

Geophysical measurements highlight freshwater build-up

Geophysical measurements were executed at the field sites in Dinteloord, Westland, Nootdorp, and Ovezande in order to record the realized freshwater build-up.

Prolonged testing SUBSOL reference sites kicks off

The first field campaign, visiting the ASR-coastal sites and the Freshmaker was held from November 10 till November 13.