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Subsol celebrates first anniversary

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Keywords : Subsol, SWS

On September 1st, the Subsol project was officially one year underway. A perfect moment to catch up and evaluate the progress in the various work packages and share information and inspiration. This was done during an internal consortium meeting in Berlin on September 12 and September 13, which was hosted by Adelphi.

The focus of the first year was on updating, improving and monitoring the reference sites. Additionally, replication sites were set up, showing significant progress in Dinteloord (realisation first ASR-coastal well, second well underway), Falster (geological exploration, installation monitoring wells), and Schinias (site selection, final design, geological characterization). Stakeholder meetings and interviews took place in Denmark, The Netherlands, and Greece, while initial market scans were executed for various countries. Last but not least, a big effort was put into communication by realisation of the Subsol website and promotional films, which had their premiere during the meeting and will soon be finalized and presented.

During the coming 6 months, more-and-more focus will be on the filling of the Subsol knowledge base and the evaluation of potential markets.

Adelphi presenting their progress in the project.