Water Solutions

Stakeholders Dinteloord speak up during pTA workshop

Related Work Package: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4
Keywords : pTA, ASR-coastal, stakeholders
Discussions on the role of water in the daily life of the stakeholders.

While treated effluent was infiltrating the target aquifer at 2 km from the town of Dinteloord, stakeholders gathered in the local hotel to discuss its implementation during the participatory technical assessment (pTA). Delegates from the Provinces of Noord-Brabant and Zeeland, the Water Authority of Brabantse Delta, the municipality of Dinteloord, and the agricultural association joined tables with greenhouse owners in the project area, the developer of the greenhouse area, the installer of the ASR system, and neighbouring farmers. Together, they discussed the water issues in the area and the criteria the ASR-coastal system should live up to, in order to be successful. Gerard van den Berg and Klaasjan Raat led the discussions, after an introduction to the Subsol project and the Dinteloord site by Koen Zuurbier (all KWR). Soren Gram (DBT) was present to support the KWR-crew and get impression from the stakeholders.

Economical feasibility, water quality, and impacts

Important insights were gained on what criteria the Subsol innovations should live up to, according to various stakeholders. All stakeholders underlined the importance of the economical feasibility. Water quality seemed to be the main criterium for the end users, whereas policy makers, regulators, and neighbours marked the importance of acceptable impact on the surroundings. The detailed outcomes will be used to better position SWS in the surrounding and increase the chances of successful uptake.


We thank all participants for their input.