Water Solutions

Rapid ASR developments in Dinteloord

Related Work Package: 2.3
Keywords : ASR-Coastal; Dinteloord; Effluent reuse

We already announced the construction of the second ASR-well in Dinteloord in October last year. However, due to a continuing and rapid growth of the greenhouses in the project area, more ASR capacitity is desired to meet the increasing demand. For this reason, permission to extend the ASR-scheme to 50% of its final capacity was requested. Based on the outcomes of the first ASR-cycle executed during the Subsol project, both the developer and legislator were confident that a reliable and sustainable water supply system can be obtained with this subsurface water solution (ASR-Coastal). With 50% of its design capacity, the ASR scheme will supply a maximum volume of 100.000 m3 of freshwater with a maximum rate of 120 m3/h. A third and fourth ASR-well will therefore be installed and connected to the water supply system.


Positive results cycle 1

In Cycle 1 (February - August 2016), around 8,300 m3 was smoothly infiltrated and stored for 6 months. Subsequently, almost 1.500 m3 was recovered and analyzed. The recovered water met the main water quality parameters set by TOM. It was decided to leave the rest of the freshwater in the aquifer in order to protect the infiltration water of the next cycle. The hydrological effects were observed and extrapolated for the upscaled system, indicating that a negative impact on nearby infrastructure and nature is not presumable. In the Autumn of 2016, another 25.000 m3 was infiltrated using ASR well 1 and 2. This water is 'ready to use' in the coming growing season.


The ASR extension will be realized by the Subsol SME partner Codema B-E de Lier, commissioned by the Tuinbouwontwikkelingsmaatschappij Brabant.

The ASR well field in Dinteloord: 4 of the 8 wells will be completed this summer