Water Solutions

Prolonged testing SUBSOL reference sites kicks off

Related Work Package: 1.2, 1.3
Keywords : subsurface water solutions

Prolonged testing of subsurface water solutions (SWS) within SUBSOL is needed to validate the long-term applicability of SWS, to gain confidence in the techniques with early-adopters, and to gather the necessary knowledge such that end-users are capable upon making long-term investment decisions. Furthermore, prolonged full-scale testing and additional modeling is needed to study the effects of SWS on and to define optimal embedment of SWS in the regional water systems. This is important to further increase the acceptance of the techniques by authorities and decision makers.

In order to collect the data on the long-term SWS performance, the operation of SWS pilots is prolonged. Frequently, field visits are undertaken, during which all electronically recorded data are collected, (ground)water samples are taken for lab analysis, and other relevant measurements are performed. The first field campaign, visiting the ASR-coastal sites and the Freshmaker was held from November 10 till November 13. The picture below give a nice overview of the conditions at the sites.

Monitoring at the Westland ASR-coastal site (T13)