Water Solutions

Maneadero Workshop

Related Work Package: 4.1
Keywords : manaedero workshop; pilot

In a half day workshop the attendees were informed on the purpose of the SubSol project and its Maneadero pilot.

More than 50 people attended the workshop coming from all organizations we invited. The largest group of attendees were the producers of agricultural products, followed by researchers/university.

The workshop was opened by the President of the Ejido. Speakers of UABC and Arcadis explained why this project is of importance and how it could help the Maneadero region to ensure a more healthy freshwater aquafer.

After the presentations the attendees discussed in two sessions the need for technologies and solutions like SubSol provides. First in groups of people from similar organizations, secondly in groups consisting of a mixed formation. This ensured an exchange of points of view to each other on the experienced water problems. The problems discussed were from  water shortage, quality issues to future needs. The discussions were facilitated by the people of CICESE and UABC. General overview was kept by the Subsol members (DBT and Arcadis).  

This resulted in a very clear overview of needs and concerns as well as supportive ideas and actions.

Tthe President thanked everybody for the lively discussions and enthusiastic involvement of all attendees. The lunch turned out to be  the perfect opportunity to elaborate a little more on the discussed topics in a more informal setting before going back to the day to day business.