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Dinteloord ASR-coastal replication starts off first test cycle

Related Work Package: 2.3
Keywords : ASR-coastal, replication, WP2.3, Dinteloord, irrigation water

Freshwater with an impeccable water quality is directed towards the ASR-coastal system in Dinteloord since February 2016. Via a pilot ASR-coastal well, this water is infiltrated in a brackish sand aquifer at a depth of 10 to 30 m below surface level. This infiltration marks the start of the Dinteloord replication project within Subsol.


Dinteloord: from effluent to high-quality irrigation water

The 'Tuinbouw Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij' (TOM) develops a more than 200 hectares greenhouse area close to the town of Dinteloord. A unique aspect forms the irrigation water supply system. All greenhouse owners are connected to a dedicated irrigation water distribution system. Via this system, high-quality (demineralized) irrigation water can be supplied, which has its source at a nearby sugar factory. The effluent produced yearly at this factory between September and January will be treated and subsequently stored via ASR-coastal for later use as irrigation water (April until August). A good example of water reuse in a circular economy.


Aims of the Subsol replication study

Within Subsol, remaning unknowns regarding the use of ASR-coastal at other locations than the reference sites are further explored. This test-cycle is a first step, and used treated surface water to simulate the later storage of treated effluent. The first focus is on the closer characterization of the target aquifer and the operational performance of the ASR-coastal system. In later phases, longer test cycles will be run to examine the water quality development. Finally, the upscaling of the ASR-coastal well field will be prepared and realized once more greenhouses arise in the project area.

Overview of the Dinteloord irrigation water system