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ASR-Coastal finds application in urban water management

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Keywords : ASR-Coastal, Urban Waterbuffer, Urban Water management

Pluvial flooding during increasing stormwater events, soil subsidence, salinization heat stress, water quality degradation, and degradation of wooden pile fundations due to low groundwater levels: Rotterdam is facing serious challenges with respect to urban water management in the next decades. Better management including capture, treatment and retention of local rainwater is regarded a key solution to prevent flooding, restore the groundwater levels and quality, and mitigate the urban heat island by having water at hand for evapotranspiration.

ASR-coastal can provide a key role in the local discharge, retention, and reuse of urban rainwater. The complete set-up (including harvesting, treatment, and ASR-Coastal) is named 'Urban Waterbuffer' and will a pilot will be realized in 2018 in the Spangen area in Rotterdam. It is aimed to collect rainwater from 4 hectares urban area (football stadium, roofs, roads, squares, parking lots), store the water shortly in an underground 1000 m3 reservoir, treat it with a wetland-sand filtration system, and then store the water at 15-30 m depth in a brackish sand aquifer via ASR-Coastal. During dry spells, the water will be recovered for 1) irrigation of the football pitch and 2) watering of local plants and a fountain on the local square to reduce heat island effects.


Realization: March 2018 till May 2018

Opening: June 20, 2018


For this project, KWR found partners in Codema (engineering, installation), Wareco (urban water mangement), Field Factors (design wetland/filtration, spatial implementation), and the municipality of Rotterdam. More information (in Dutch): www.urbanwaterbuffer.nl


Schematization of the Urban Waterbuffer in Rotterdam (Spangen)