Water Solutions

Adelphi develops Subsurface Water Solutions in Brazil, China, Cyprus, Mexico and Vietnam

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Keywords : WS, target markets, Cyprus, Vietnam, China, mexico, Brazil, Project development

In spring 2018 adelphi will visit Brazil (22 January to 2 February), Mexico (12 February to 23 February), Vietnam (26 February to 9 March), Cyprus (16 April to 27 April) and China (7 May to 18 May) to share knowledge and promote tools created throughout the SUBSOL project as well as to elaborate regional implementation opportunities with local stakeholders.

Saltwater intrusion impairs sustainable development in coastal regions

Coastal areas are the most productive and economically dominant regions in the world. High water demand in these regions however, puts tremendous pressure on coastal freshwater resources and ecosystems. This leads to problems like seasonal water shortages, saltwater intrusion, and deterioration of freshwater dependent ecosystems such as wetlands.

Building on national, regional and European research and innovation programs, in the past five years, a set of innovative, practical concepts has been developed for protection, enlargement and utilization of freshwater resources in coastal areas. These Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) combine innovations in water well design and configuration, allowing for advanced groundwater management, and maximum control over freshwater resources.

SWS have successfully been piloted by public-private partnerships. Full-scale pilots have demonstrated the capacity of SWSs to support sustainable, economic and energy-efficient freshwater supply and food production in coastal areas.

Dissemination of SUBSOL knowledge and tools in the target regions

adelphi’s activities follow visits that were carried out at the turn of 2016/2017 which had the aim to generate awareness, assess framework conditions and identify stakeheolders for Subsurface Water Solutions (SWS) in Brazil, China, Cyprus, Mexico and Vietnam. Aim of the upcoming target site visits is to develop specific solutions by disseminating knowledge that was created throughout the SUBSOL project and adapt existing concepts to the local requirements. Capacities will be developed on technical tools which support assessing the feasibility of SWS. 

Public promotion events and joint workshops to develop new SWS projects

At the public promotion event Ronjon Chakrabarti and his team will present opportunities for the implementation of SWS including specific technologies, locations and identification of implementation partners. Solution workshops will follow to chalk out the road map for the implementation of fine tuned concepts for which local ownership has been taken up.