Water Solutions

Project structure

Project structure

The SUBSOL consortium comprises a considerable number of partner organisations (8 SME’s, 4 RTD institutes, 2 internationally oriented consultants and 1 water company).

SUBSOL has a simple and efficient management structure with clearly defined roles and responsibilities, a transparent decision making process, clear reporting lines and strong progress monitoring. SUBSOL has the following internal management structures and elements:

- Work Package (WP) management with the WP leaders
- Project management with the Project Coordinator
- Project Steering Board with representatives of all Consortium partners.

These internal management structures interact with the following external structures

- The European Commission
- A Project Advisory Committee (PAC) composed of external experts and stakeholders
- The Associate partners, linked to the SUBSOL consortium  

The tasks, responsibilities and roles of these bodies as well as their interlinkage are explained in the figure.