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Stakeholder meetings at replication site Falster (DK)

The first stakeholder meetings took place in which the stakeholders indicated problems with excess surface water in the area.

Initiation of field investigations at the Subsol SWS replication site of Falster, Denmark

Field work at drinking water wells of Marielyst Waterworks, Falster, Denmark

Scientific analysis of reference sites in ‘Water Resources Management’

A scientific analysis of the potential of the techniques developed at the Subsol reference sites has been published in the peer-reviewed journal  'Water Resources Management'

Subsol and Korea Institute of Science and Technology team up for aquifer storage and recovery

In collaboration with universities and companies in Korea, KIST started a unique project with focuses on water quality issues related to geochemical reactions and the high resolution density-driven flow model coupled with reactive transport.

Geophysical measurements highlight freshwater build-up

Geophysical measurements were executed at the field sites in Dinteloord, Westland, Nootdorp, and Ovezande in order to record the realized freshwater build-up.

Dinteloord ASR-coastal replication starts off first test cycle

After around 3 months of construction, the ASR-coastal system at Dinteloord (WP2.3) was ready for a first test cycle. With this, the first SUBSOL replication site comes within operation around six months after the start of the project.

Prolonged testing SUBSOL reference sites kicks off

The first field campaign, visiting the ASR-coastal sites and the Freshmaker was held from November 10 till November 13.

Vietnamese government organisation for water management establishes ties with SUBSOL and KWR

On 24 February a delegation of NAWAPI visited KWR. On the agenda was the opportunities for European-Vietnamese colloboration and knowledge exchange.

Horizon 2020 SUBSOL project has started

8 and 9 October 2015 was the official start of the European project SubSol at KWR in Nieuwegein.

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