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Awareness and Assessment missions conducted to SubSol Target Markets

Missions have been taken place to SubSol target sites. These missions were focused on awareness generation and assessment of the framework.

Subsol exposure: pTA movie and Subsol brochure

We would like to highlight some recent communication products produced in the Subsol project.

Mission visit to Replication and Target Sites in Mexico

In December 2016 representatives from the SUBSOL project visited some replication sites to assess the state of replication and its drivers and barriers for preparing a meeting in Maneadero and present the project's innovative SWS.

Stakeholders Dinteloord speak up during pTA workshop

Stakeholders at the Dinteloord replication site gathered to discuss the upscaling of ASR-coastal in the area

SWS E-pitch at the WaterInnEU platform

Subsol was presented via an E-pitch at the WaterInnEU platform

Subsol consortium learns lessons from Dutch reference sites

The Subsol consortium visited the Dutch cases to learn from the very first SWS experiences.

Close-up: the Freshmaker’s value during the late Summer drought of 2016

The last Dutch summer months were warm and dry, but the Freshmaker provided relieve.

Subsol promotional film launched at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Brisbane

Today was the premiere of the Subsol promotional video. Have a look!

Second ASR well Dinteloord under construction

ASR scheme Dinteloord expanded upon successful test cycle.

Close-up: the Noardburgum well field and its “smart extraction well” (Freshkeeper)

At the Freshkeeper reference site, we are working hard to achieve full-scale implementation of SWS.

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