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Subsol promotional film launched at the IWA World Water Congress and Exhibition in Brisbane

Today was the premiere of the Subsol promotional video. Have a look!

Second ASR well Dinteloord under construction

ASR scheme Dinteloord expanded upon successful test cycle.

Close-up: the Noardburgum well field and its “smart extraction well” (Freshkeeper)

At the Freshkeeper reference site, we are working hard to achieve full-scale implementation of SWS.

Subsol celebrates first anniversary

The Subsol consortium met in Berlin to discuss the progress in Year 1.

COASTAR: towards large-scale implementation of Subsurface Water Solutions

The potential of the subsurface to  attain a robust and sustainable freshwater supply and combat drought in The Netherlands has been analysed.

ISMAR10 will take place in Madrid in May 2019

Madrid will host the 10th edition of the International Symposium on Managed Aquifer Recharge in 2019

SWS business talk: Wayland Developments aims at ASR-coastal to supply high-quality irrigation water

Wayland Developments contracts B-E de Lier to implement SWS in their 100 ha greenhouse and logistics area.

Close-up: the Nootdorp ASR-Coastal system

What's going on in Nootdorp recently?

Freshkeeper wins Implementation Award from Dutch drinking-water companies joint research programme

The BTO Implementation Award was presented for the first time this year. The award highlights the importance of actual implementation of developed BTO knowledge and technology at drinking water companies.

1st meeting for the pTA in Schinias, Greece

First pTA meeting in Schinias and indivdual meetings in Marathon and Athens.

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  • Opening of the Urban Waterbuffer Rotterdam
    Event dates:
    To be announced
  • Opening of the Dinteloord ASR full-scale replication
    Event dates:
    To be announced
    To be announced
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