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International Grower of the Year embraces ASR-Coastal for freshwater supply

Ter Laak Orchids, recently chosen as 'International Grower of the Year', has taken a 900 m3/d ASR-Coastal system into operation in order to balance their water availability and demand.

SUBSOL Knowledge Environment

The SUBSOL Knowledge Environment (KE) is an online, flexible and adaptable platform to search for or share information.

Maneadero Workshop

A workshop was organised around the Maneadero pilot.

Dinteloord aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) scheme further expanded to 960 cubic meters per day

At the Dinteloord ASR-Coastal site, a further expansion of the well field was realized.

New horizontal directional drilled well installed in Zeeland area (The Netherlands)

A new version of the Freshmaker's horizontal well was installed in Zeeland (NL).

Drought in the southwest of The Netherlands: subsurface water solutions into action

Following a dry winter season, there was limited rainfall during this year's spring as well. Current subsurface water solution were therefore heavily tested...

Field visits of NTUA students in Schinias pilot (Greece)

Two field visits were organised in the Schinias pilot of SubSol.

18 months SUBSOL, intermediate evaluation of project results

The Consortium Partners have marked the first 18 months of SUBSOL during their Project Steering Board meeting in Copenhagen on 6 and 7 April.

Validated regional scale groundwater model Noardburgum

Scenario analyses with a regional scale SEAWAT groundwater model indicate that 2 million m3 of freshwater can be produced at Noardburgum in a sustainable way by applying the Freshkeeper concept. Vitens aims at full-scale application of this SWS concept in 2018.

SWS pilot test site in Schinias

The Schinias case demonstrates how a currently unused resource, can be turned into a source for protection.

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  • Opening of the Urban Waterbuffer Rotterdam
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  • Opening of the Dinteloord ASR full-scale replication
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