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Urban Waterbuffer supplies water to Sparta Stadium

The ASR-Coastal set-up has been transferred to the city of Rotterdam by KWR and Codema to combat pluvial flooding and water scarcity.

Record-breaking drought underlines value of Subsurface Water Solutions in The Netherlands

In the driest summer ever recorded in The Netherlands, the Subsol sites demonstrate their value.

SUBSOL Visits Oman, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates

Discuss Potential for Future Cooperation on Managed Aquifer Recharge

Open seminar: Robust future water supply and water reuse in coastal areas

29 and 30 August, incl. site visit Dinteloord.

SUBsurface Water SOLutions Report Mission Series IV in Cyprus

Cyprus has suffered under several severe years of drought and an increasing demand of water

Mission Series IV in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Solution Promotion and Capacity Development in Vietnam, Mission Series IV

Sugar beet reuse water used to grow tomatoes

The Dinteloord replication is completed and officially opened

‘Subsurface storage’ wins H2O award for best article (SubSol replication site Dinteloord)

The article on the development of a sustainable freshwater supply for the greenhouse horticultural area of Nieuw-Prinsenland in Dinteloord has won the H2O award.

Solution Promotion and Capacity Development in Mexico, Mission Series IV: Guadalupe Valley and San Quintín

From 13-22 February 2018 Adelphi visited Guadalupe Valley and San Quintín  to share knowledge and promote tools created throughout the SUBSOL project as well as to elaborate regional implementation opportunities with local stakeholders.

Solution Promotion and Capacity Development in Brazil, Mission Series IV

This report aims to inform the reader about the Subsurface Water Solution concepts presented and discussed in a Public Promotion Event and finalised in a Project Development Workshop in Recife.These activities were part of the scope of the Mission IV Series in Brazil.

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